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Reflera.org updates
11th-Apr-2010 05:16 pm - Finally, a new look!!
i wish ashe were in dissidia.


Reflera.org finally has a new layout!! I’m not really off of hiatus since my life is still 90% school and 9% goofing off, but it needed a change. It’s freezing outside but I wanted a more spring/summer look. I didn’t really do very much shooping for the layout other than combining two images, but otherwise it’s very simple. It turned out maybe ten times more snarky than I had intended, considering the layout’s subject matter … Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke :D

It’s a fairly lazy layout even in coding, but I like the colors? XD Enjoy! If you’re curious, I used these two images to create the main image. Except of course they were bigger, lol.

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9th-Apr-2010 08:05 pm - Bandwagoning is fun!
i wish ashe were in dissidia.

No thanks to Chrizta, I decided to make an updates blog housed on my domain itself haha! Anyways, I’ll be posting updates from here now (that are crossposted to LJ as well). I don’t really have anything to update about right now other than a few affiliations that I never mentioned. An extremely belated welcome to Stefi and Tamisa as affiliates to the network! :D

I’ve also created a projects page on here, since I don’t have one on my domain right now. Anyone who follows my twitter or has ever spoken to me will be totally unsurprised by what’s on there – there isn’t anything new. … I need a new domain layout pronto! Ehh.

Also added a number of affiliates to Drift – namely, Tabita’s White Shadows and Jinny’s revived Zero. Drift also received a few little content updates regarding the “20 KH Mysteries” thing that came out with the Birth by Sleep Ultimania. I probably forgot a ton of other little things … so yeah. Till next time! :)

Originally published at Light & Waves. Please leave any comments there.

9th-Feb-2010 01:10 am - maybe this was inevitable
i wish ashe were in dissidia.
(miss)understood (C.C. from Code Geass), Stay Gold (Momiji Sohma, one-page shrine), and Armistice (Larsa from FFXII) have been removed from the network. They're not TOTALLY gone - I basically moved their folders somewhere else and deleted the subdomains, so if I wanted to resurrect them I could, but for now I just ... don't want them on the network anymore. details as to why each was removedCollapse )

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported these sites in the past. Please remove any links to these sites, affiliates! Sorry for the trouble! D:

In other news, a few link exchanges have been added to the domain/shrines. I am of course still keeping up with my small edits to Roxas still lmao. Watch me put Larsa back up in a day. :(
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