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Housekeeping and small things

Not a substantial update. As the title implies, smallish things! Carry on.

Daphne of is now affiliated with the network! Unfortunately I don’t make a distinction on the current periodic table, lol, maybe I should mark my affiliates/siblings as radioactive or something. LOL

Back in December I added a page to Will about Yuna’s appearances in games other than FFX/X-2. This was primarily to spaz about Dissidia 012, which has since been released worldwide. Dissidia will probably be expanded to its own section, because I’d like to address her gameplay, relationships with other FF characters, storyline, etc. I do have a new layout in the works, but it’s pretty messy right now and I’d like to make some changes to it. School stuff is still my first priority right now, but I’m hoping to get this up after I graduate …. so sometime this summer. XD;; She’ll also probably get a media update because I uploaded X-2 stuff and need to put up Dissidia stuff, but want to reorganize everything.

Yeah …. lame teaser, I know. It also looks washed out because of Chrome.

Also added awards to sites that I hadn’t updated, which includes the old Amassment SOTM for Eventide and 2010 pageant for Will. Most of my sites are overdue for a layout change, and I assure you there ARE layouts for most of them sitting on my harddrive!!!!!! Summer will be here soon…. gah.

There’s probably a TON of other little things I’ve updated here and there over the last few months but I have no idea what they are. Heh.

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