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EXTREME minimalism ahoy!

So … hi guys. I’m not totally dead. I probably won’t be able to make any new shrines for another few months (is this any surprise?) but I do have new layouts and stuff sitting on my hard drive. At any rate, I updated’s layout today since the last one was from April 2010 and it was getting kind of shameful. Anyways, there isn’t really ANYTHING to it. At all. I’m completely serious. Except for the AWESOME LINKS PAGE, WHICH YOU SHOULD ALL CHECK OUT, BECAUSE IT IS SO DELIGHTFULLY NERDY. The pattern used in the layout is from pattern8.

I will say now that there is no order to it, except I went through my “siblings” first and then affiliates/friends. And it’s not alphabetic because the real thing isn’t alphabetic either and it just wouldn’t look as nice. (Also I know it’s really small.) So basically, this thing is gonna be a b*tch to edit should I need to remove someone’s link. So STAY PUT, EVERYONE. Btw, if I don’t have your link on there and I used to, please let me know, because I may have missed you on the move to the new setup even though I double checked.

Yeah, awwwwwwright. Back to studying.

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